First NFT drop

A well-known YouTuber and a fluid paint artist Tiktus has created a 1 of 1 NFT for you - the first time a video of making an NFT fluid art will be sold as an NFT. The auction winner gets the NFT and the artwork as well.

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Introducing Enefty, Your Marketplace For​

Collect and trade video highlights of your favourite YouTubers and other video creators secured on the blockchain as NFT.

Welcome to Enefty

Do you remember video highlights from your favorite YouTuber that you keep watching again and again? Enefty enables you to actually own such a highlight as a digital collectible. Each collectible has its own unique value, as a rare and secure digital asset on the blockchain, whose original properties can’t be copied. You can buy, collect and trade video highlights on our Enefty marketplace.


Buy highlights and build up your collection

Collect either several highlights from a single creator or multiple highlights from different creators about a certain topic or a trend. Get creative, each collection can be unique like you.


Buy highlights and build up your collection

Create gains by getting highlights you think have potential and sell when they’ve increased in value.


Back your favorite creators in a unique way

When you buy or trade highlights, you are supporting the creators, which means they can produce more of what you love. Your activity matters.

Wait... What Is NFT Again?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a "one-of-a-kind" piece of data that can represent the authenticity of digital assets such as music, GIFs, videos, tweets, etc. Thanks to NFTs, fans now can truly own precious digital assets of their favorite creator.

Why we use blockchain


No two highlight tokens can be the same, so it’s easy to check the authenticity of content


Ownership data is stored on a blockchain database, which makes it nearly impossible to fake it.


Once purchased, you are the true owner of your highlight. Even we can’t change that.

Easily accessible

Buy, collect and trade whenever and wherever as long as you are connected to the internet.

Backed by the European Social Fund and the Berlin Senate

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